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Product Alert!

This is my MVP (Most Valued Purchase) this entire year so far! Introducing the Electric Bug Zapper!!! (Click below to see and buy it on Amazon.)

When I first saw these, I have to admit I thought, 'Hmm, how lazy does a person have to be to require an electric shock to swat a fly?' And then... the gnats invaded.

We live next to a causeway that hasn't had water flowing through it for a few years. When we did get some rain, the water collected, and the bugs came to hang out. Gnats are too small to use a regular fly swatter, and I don't want to use sprays because of how toxic that can be for pets. And so... I got an electric fly zapper. Actually, we have two now because I loved it so much.

Does it work? Check out this video of me in action with my electric bug zapping rackets! And then go buy a few. You won't regret it, I promise!!

Disclaimer: As an Amazon Affiliate, I may be paid by Amazon for purchases made by clicking the links in this post. This in no way costs anything extra for you, and this does not affect my opinion on this item.

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