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Return To Making and Designing

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Relaunch of the blog I've been supposed to be writing all along... ooooooops!

I really do have so much to type, upload, and share with the world. From tips about saving time and money to how to make your very own Krampus before Krampusnacht, I have patterns and links and designs and ideas... I just didn't have the best technology to make it all readily available. Yikes! The laptop I was trying to use was purchased in 2015, and it runs rather slowly. I do need to spend quality time cleaning it up and making it work better, but I run a 30-hour day in every 24-hour period, which didn't leave much time for nerding out to fix the laptop. I took advantage of an online sale price to get a new piece of technology for a really reasonable price, and so - Hello! Relaunch! or Update! or Hey, Mimi is finally following through on her blog! However you want to see it, it's finally happening!

Oh, look! That's ME, posing next to my favorite area of all fabric stores! I'm well-known for my purchases and use of Remnants, and my attire in this photo is a perfect example. I made this for working on Halloween 2022 because I'm one of the available evening employees who doesn't have kids young enough to need Mom for Trick or Treating. (My kids are both adults. Seriously, I promise, I'm not making that up.)

The "costume" is actually a functional apron made specifically to reflect one of my favorite characters. The entire thing was made with remnants and scraps, and I have two deep pockets for my work equipment hidden under my tulle bustle. See the cord running from my radio to the earpiece? If you look closely enough, you may even be able to see the microphone part of that cord clipped just under my sparkly collar. My infatuation with remnants will be a common theme in many of my project posts, but this bin is always my first stop, even before going to the Clearance sections.

What Have I Been Doing?

I started working part time at my all-time favorite fabric/craft store in the fall of 2021. It just so happened that I was in the store at the same time the manager was there, and I mentioned I saw the "We're Hiring" sign on the door but couldn't find an available position for the location on the website. She asked if I really wanted to work at the store, and if so, bring my resume and show up the next day after my doctor's appointment. My rheumatologist gave me the green light to work in a retail type environment as long as I continued to use good sense with regards to my immune system deficiencies. And that was the beginning of my most favorite job I've ever had in my entire adult life!

Yes, I still have the pieces of paper, the wealth of knowledge, years of experience in a variety of settings, and the student debt to prove that I do have the ability to work in my field. However, my "field" is psychology, which is the study of human behavior. Well. Human behavior over the past 2.5+ years has not given me much incentive to work with other people who have problems. I have my own set of problems just like every person on this planet, and I decided that I need to take care of myself. After all, if I don't take every measure to solve my own problems, I'm absolutely no good to anyone else. And one of my own solutions is to make things.

I am a Fibers Artist. I crochet. I sew. I knit. I do Cricut related things, but primarily as it pertains to the first three artforms. I have tools, skills, and supplies. Plus, I work at my happy place store, and I get a discount. I know how to read patterns, but the problem I've run into is finding a pattern for exactly what I want to make. I'm not very good at drawing/painting (that's my daughter Liz's area of expertise), but I'm pretty good at taking a few yards of fabric, a skein of yarn, and a handful of notions and findings to whip up something that is one of a kind. It may be a sweater, a blanket, a cute decoration, or a seriously kick-ass handbag. If I can think it, I can make it.

And I've been taking notes on what I've been doing. Drafting my own patterns to sew, creating my own stitch repeats to make my own lace trims, and even row/stitch counts for hand- and circular machine knitted goodies. After all, crochet and knit are processes of making a specifically shaped fabric out of yarn. Just like a visual artist can use multiple methods and materials in any given work, I pride myself on being a Multi-Method/ Mixed Media Fibers Artist.

That said, I find so much happiness in helping other people. At the "job", my favorite part of the job is asking everyone what current projects are. Hearing about the ideas and projects of others has honestly restored some of my faith in humanity. I spend a lot of time talking with makers and artists of all kinds, and I'm privileged to see what I would call the best parts of every guest who shops in that particular store. (See? It makes sense why I readily gave up looking for a job in my field to stand and cut fabric on a part-time basis.) I'm sure I will reference some of my favorite project ideas that I've heard in upcoming posts, but I love when someone asks me a question, and as I'm answering, the look on that person's face as the idea begins to take shape just makes my entire day! If the store where I work was able to offer classes, I'd be the first one to beg to teach. Since I can't teach there, I'm going to continue to write out and upload my designs, patterns, and tutorials so that anyone who wants to make something that I've made can do so. A lot of the finished products I make look complicated, but if I'm able to show how simple it is when it's done one step at a time, anyone who can follow directions can make some really cool things! (Yes, I'm biased in saying my stuff is cool, but if it wasn't cool, I wouldn't make it!)

Makers Gonna Make

I'm a maker, and so are you. Yes, YOU, you who are reading this post. YOU are a maker. Humans are all makers. The question is: What are you making today?

For anyone who has read this far, I'm certain my chatty nature has shone through. If not, allow me to just identify myself as a wordy-and-nerdy woman. But is anyone reading my words? I have no way of knowing that unless readers leave comments!

Do that! Right now! Leave some comments, and let's get a discussion going on. Tell me what kinds of patterns I should upload first. Written pattern or YouTube type video tutorials? Crochet? Knit? Sewing? Hot-Gluing? A combination of various crafting methods? I've designed patterns for others based on someone else's vision, and I do take requests from time to time. I even have a few fun ways to use Dollar Tree finds to make items that I've seen selling for $50+ on well-known maker-seller sites. (I refuse to say the "E" word, I don't use the heavily-advertised "E" site for a number of reasons, but that's another post.)

Remember that photo I shared of my costume apron? The design iss 100% straight out of my brain to the cutting table to the sewing machine. One of a kind, no other like it exists anywhere in the universe. And would you believe that I made approximately 5,728 mistakes in 3-hours when I made it? Mm-hmm, I won't tell if you don't! This is an example of the type of patterns I've designed and will be sharing with the world.

So tell me: What would YOU like to see from me?

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