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Knotty Incantation: Little Owl (For 22-pin Circular Knit Machine)

I love the mysterious and nocturnal nature of owls. At night, I often hear the hoo-hoot of an owl who hangs out in the trees around my bedroom window. Is it speaking to me? Is it trying to pass some fascinating wisdom through its hoots? Or is it simply yelling at one of my cats to get out of the window so the mice come back into the English ivy ground cover, allowing the owl to hunt and eat? I guess I'll never know!

Finished Owls can be purchased in my Shop link (as long as they are in stock... if not, subscribe to my blog so you get alerted when new ones are listed!) I'm sharing my Knotty Incantation for how this was made here in this post. I'm not a professional video maker or photographer, but I'll do my best to make this make sense in the pictures!

Supplies Needed:

22-Pin Knitting Machine

2 colors of contrasting worsted yarn

Yarn Needle

Crochet Hook Size 4.0mm

Plus for the eyes:

- Small amount of white worsted yarn OR White felt cut into circles about a US Half Dollar size

- Safety eyes (between 9mm and 15 mm), OR black felt, OR 2 black buttons approx 1/4", OR the ability to make a meaningful French knot the same way twice. (I lack that skill, one is always bigger, so I use safety eyes.)

- Small amount of embroidery thread, yarn, or felt to make a beak.

Cast on Color 1 of project yarn. NOTE: Color 1 is the body color, and Color 2 is where you will have

Knit 20 rounds in Color 1. Cut yarn, leaving a decent tail for securing later (at least 6"), and toss it into the middle of the machine. Take the first about-6" of Color 2 and toss that into the middle of the machine, making sure to put it in your yarn guide and to the right side of Number 1 Peg/Needle.

Knit 20 rounds of Color 2, switch back to Color 1, and knit 20 more rows of Color 1.

You should now have a tube of 60 rounds, with the color breakdown of 20 Color 1, 20 Color 2, 20 Color 1. Follow the photo tutorial below to complete the project!

Just a quick note to add: 5 rounds of white on a 22 pin machine and cinched up on both ends makes a cute little white puff circle for the eye background, too!

And that's it! What do you think of this project? Leave me some comments with your thoughts! If you make one and share on social media, tag me! Accidentally Perfect on FB, @ accidentally.perfect on IG!

Hugs, Kisses, and Warm Yarn Wishes,

Mimi, your Knotty Incantress

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