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At Accidentally Perfect, we strive to give our customers the most enjoyable shopping experience possible. To make sure that happens, we make sure our store policies are fair, clear and transparent. Read on to see all our policies below. If you can’t find the exact information you’re looking for, please get in touch and we’ll do our very best to help you out.

Online Orders:  My goal for sending orders for finished items is to send them via USPS within 72 hours.  On occasion, life happens, and sometimes I fall short of my own goal.  That said, I strive to package and ship orders for finished items within 72 hours.

Returns:  Due to the nature of the products offered and materials used, returns cannot be accepted.  All sales are final.

Contact:  I personally read every email, comment, and message sent to Accidentally Perfect.  I make every attempt to respond quickly; however, I have been known to get distracted and I forget to come back to what I was doing.  This is a downside of a sole proprietorship. I do, however, appreciate all feedback, and my intention is to respond personally to every interaction within 24 hours.

Sales Tax:  I live in and work out of Ventura, CA, and as necessary, sales tax is collected for every purchase.

Digital Downloads:  Digital download items are clearly marked.  Upon purchasing a digital product, customer will have access to the digital file.  At no time will a physical product be offered as a digital download.

Blog Policies:  I enjoy interacting with readers.  However, there will be no hate speech, no inflammatory speech, no bullying, and no discrimination.  I do not like to delete comments or block anyone, though I reserve the right to do so with no notice.  General rule of thumb: Don't be a butthole because if you are a butthole, then I have to be a butthole, and I don't want to be a butthole.  Got it?  By reading and commenting on blog posts, you agree that you will not be a butthole.  

Affiliate Links:  My blog is monetized, and I am an affiliate with several sources.  What this means is that should you make a purchase from one of the links I provide, I will earn a small commission from the company for 

making the referral that leads to a sale.  It's a small amount, but those commissions allow me to continue to provide content that is unique, helpful, instructional, and generally awesome.  That's right, I said it, my content is awesome.  If you disagree, please refer to the rule above.

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